Daniel Odier became a disciple of Kalou Rinpoché in 1968. He followed his teachings and received the Mahamûdra transmission. Pursuing his earlier interest in Chan (the Chinese zen of origins), he studied the correlation between Tantra and Ch’an, inspired by the work of the Chinese hermit Chien Ming Chen who he met in Kalimpong in 1968.

Some years later in the Himalayas Dan iel followed the teachings of his Kashmiri master, the yogi Lalita Devî who also gave him the Mahamûdra transmission as well as some of the most profound mystical teachings of the Pratyabhijnâ and Spanda schools of the Kaula tradition.

Daniel taught Tantrism and Buddhism in several American universities before founding the Tantra/Chan centre in Paris, in 1995. In 2000, he disbanded this centre in order to encourage independent practice and today he gives workshops and seminars throughout the world.

His books on tantrism, which have been translated into eight languages, deal with the most profound aspects of the Shivaite tantric path and of Chan.

In 2002, Daniel received ordination in the Zen Soto tradition from Kosen Sensei, in Catalonia.

In China in 2004, Daniel received the transmission of the Zhao Zhou (778-897) lineage from the great Chinese Chan master Jing Hui, dharma heir of Xu Yun (1839-1959), holder of the five Chan lineages, and considered to be the greatest Chan master of the 20 th century. Now a recognised Sifu (Chan master), Dan iel brings together in his teachings the two paths which have affected him the most deeply. He offers a form of secular Buddhism which is directly connected to everyday reality and which embodies the essence of Chan. It doesn’t involve the traditional steps such as taking refuge, making vows and other formal commitments. Dan iel’s practice is centred around Zhao Zhou style meditation sessions, which combine sitting meditation with vigorous, lively walking, always in a state of total presence. (go to www.zhaozhou-chan.com …)

Daniel is also the author of a number of novels, most recently “L’ombre au fond du Fleuve” which will be published by Albin Michel at the beginning of 2006.

Daniel Odier has also written numerous novels, essays and poems. He has translated the works of Lalla, a XIVth century Kashmiri poet and spiritual master (Seuil) as well as an anthology of texts from Chan and Zen masters collected by Thomas Cleary and published under the title « The secrets of meditation » (Pocket).

Daniel Odier

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