Tantra Touch_1Tantra Touch

  • Kashmir Tantra & Massage
  • Sexual Healing
  • Intimacy & Relationship Coaching

From surrender relax, deepen, heal and be truly present on this path of total love, with respect for the freedom of every human being.

Tantra massage Energetic atmosphere, attention to your circumstance

  • Tantra Massage Oil Relaxing, whole body
  • Kashmiri Massage Strength palpable sexual energy, intuitive, loving and liquid “Yoga of Touch”
  • Yoni & Pelvic Release Massage Exploring in depth throughout the pelvic area with caution and respect
  • Tantric Body De-armouring Powerfull method te release sexual energy

“Being truly Present”

  • Coaching
  • Natural therapy
  • Emotional Bodywork & Energy work

Intimacy Coaching Change, you know fear, feel vulnerable, think in patterns, are in contact with old beliefs?

  • BEING Female Regain strength, feel boundaries, healing wounds caused by men
  • BEING Male You crash, want to be mirrored, seeking new perspectives, path of consciousness development
  • BEING Together Experiences for further life, deepen intimacy, healing and renewed life in passion

Healing Feel – Free in full vigor! Research blockades, physical symptoms, sexual trauma, …

Workshops & Guest lecturer: Tantra, meditation, dance, awareness, and relationship

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